Skills and Training Management System

For any organization, skill management and training management are vital to nurture and provide growth to its employees.

The Skills module facilitates HR teams to maintain role-wise skills & proficiencies required, track employee-wise skills possed, evaluate the skill levels, certifications completed, etc.

The Training module allows training managers to identify skill gaps and assess training needs for employees at all levels, plan and schedule training programs, collect training feedback, and review the training effectiveness, to ensure complete coverage of the training management process so that employees meet the expected performance level of their current roles and move to their next higher role.

Skills Management – Key Features

  • Role-wise skills & proficiencies required
  • Staff wise skills/certification mapping
  • Updated skills & proficiency levels
  • Training need analysis
  • Certification expiry reminders

Training Management – Key Features

  • Maintain the library of standard training programs, trainer profiles
  • Perform training need analysis, view training request tickets
  • Group the requirements, plan & schedule training programs, publish training calendars
  • Trigger email/SMS/app notifications and reminders on scheduled training programs
  • Allow self-registration for training programs, prompt up-line supervisors to propose attendees
  • Book training resources needed
  • Record attendance, in/out time with QR code scanning
  • Ability to update training details & programs
  • Collect training feedback, upload training related materials for reference
  • Publish recorded sessions and appropriate access to users/trainees