Pest Control System

Pests at facilities pose serious health and safety threats with the potential to spread dangerous diseases, contaminate food, and also cause structural damage to your buildings. To mitigate/control these threats in an effective and timely manner, Pest Control System provides a comprehensive approach to automate the scheduling of the pest control activities in your buildings/premises and also notifying the occupants as they may be allergic to certain pesticides as a safety precaution.

Pest Control Software with configurable workflows helps you to automatically schedule pest control/capture activities for the same to be performed on-time, manage pesticide inventory, pest control tools/equipment availability, raising work orders to pest control vendors, and ensures that your facility is void of pests. It is a sophisticated pest control service scheduling software that enhances pest control & its related operations with a smart mobile application allowing your pest control team working in tandem to complete their job efficiently.

Pest Control Software – Key Features

  • Configurable pest control activities (pest control/capture)
  • Generate work orders for pest control/capture jobs
  • Calendar view for scheduled pest control activities with email/SMS notifications
  • Record pests captured
  • Record and manage pesticides required
  • Record risk assessment & risk management plans for pest control activities that include hazards
  • Manage the list of pest control vendors
  • Manage the inventory of pesticides, pest control tools, and equipment used
  • Pest captured dashboard gives a complete view of all the pest capture activities
  • Clear and concise reports to perform audits on completed work orders & pests capture jobs
  • Aligns with Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) compliance requirements

Smart Pest Control App

Smart Pest Control App enables conducting inspections and updating job progress easy for your pest control team, therefore optimizing their field productivity.

  • Record pest control activity including pests captured/found
  • View upcoming preventive maintenance activities
  • Calendar view of scheduled pest control services/activities
  • View the list of pesticides that will be used on the scheduled day
  • Alerts/notifications before the start and after the end of the pest control activities (benefits the people with allergies towards pesticides)