Key Management System

In any organization, poor key management can compromise your security, while a proper key management system can help you to keep your assets safe and secure.

Key Management System is ideal for businesses with a lot of physical keys to be tracked and managed that grants access to facilities, business assets, sensitive equipment, staff, etc. Key Management Software facilitates the facility/store teams to easily track and manage the available keys, record key issues & returns, etc. with configurable user access restrictions.

Key Request Management System – Key Features

  • Maintain complete details of the entire keys of the facility
  • End-user key request
  • Key issue/return
  • Track keys with barcode/QR codes/RFID tagging
  • Tracking of lost keys
  • Auto-reminders for returnable keys

Key Management App

Employees can easily request keys and facility managers can be kept informed of unreturned keys via automated alerts with Key Management App!

  • Raise key requests
  • View key request history
  • Email/SMS notifications for unreturned keys
Key Management App