Enterprise Asset Management System

Maximize resource utilization, Minimize downtime, & Increase asset lifespan

Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM/CMMS) provides a holistic approach to Asset Management, Property Management and Computerized Maintenance Management, enabling facility/asset managers to track, maintain and monitor their assets, properties, facilities and equipment to achieve optimum performance throughout the asset lifecycle.

Flexible & Streamlined CMMS/EAM Solution

RIBS brings you a CMMS/EAM solution that not only understands the complexities of your asset management practices but also helps you achieve 100% lifetime and performance optimization of your assets.

Asset Information
  • Maintain complete detail of each equipment/asset
  • Asset tracking with RFID/Barcode/NFC/QR Code/GPS
  • Configurable multi-level asset/facilities/equipment hierarchy
  • Asset type-wise templates to capture asset details
  • Asset movement tracking
  • Maintain asset-specific purchase cost, current value and depreciation cost
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Multiple Views – Tree view, Grid view, Floor Plan view, Map – GPS coordinates, BIM Model
  • Property management
Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance
  • Generate and manage preventive & breakdown maintenance work orders
  • Preventive (scheduled) maintenance work orders scheduled by calendar or usage frequency
  • Corrective (breakdown) maintenance templates for fast response to common tasks
  • Configurable schedule maintenance policies to auto-generate work orders based on maintenance alarms, usage, and calendar-based trigger
  • Enhanced scheduled maintenance frequency with provision to raise work orders on a specific day/hour in a week
  • Auto-recording of downtime for monitoring equipment performance
  • Feedback based maintenance
  • PPM Library with in-built standard policies
Inspections & Audits Management
  • Routine inspection
  • Inspection checklists
  • Scheduling of inspection/audit activities
Resource Management
  • Resource scheduling and inventory planning
  • Labour management
  • Timecards
  • Auto-allocation of Work orders based on resource availability & nearest GPS location
  • Employee data, department wise with labour rates
  • Budgets, Forecasts Analysis
Contracts Management
  • AMC/Warranty/Vendor Contracts/Customer Contracts management
  • Contracts storage/retrieval with attachments
  • Scheduled and corrective maintenance of service, procurement & projects
  • Capture & maintain vendor details, contract details/warranty period, terms of payment, insurance details, etc.
  • Define SLAs for contracts
  • Rate schedules can be linked to contracts
  • Pre-defined contractor payment schedule management
  • Multi-level auto-reminders for contracts, warranty expiry, & payment schedules
Procurement Management
  • Create purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and Receipt of Goods, Return of Goods
  • RFQs & Quotations
  • SLA Management
  • Vendor Management with SLA monitoring
  • Rate contracts
  • Purchase requisition with approval workflow
  • Alerts on rate contracts nearing expiry
  • Quotation comparison and analysis
  • Configurable purchase requisition, quotation, and purchase order approval workflow for order placement
  • Quotation re-initialization workflow
  • Management of purchase order amendments & adjustment notes
  • Validation of purchase order value based on rate schedules and currency exchange of the supplier
  • Inventory tracking with vendors, costs, re-order quantities, stock location
  • Purchase order with invoice matching and due date tracking
Stores/Inventory Management
  • Multi-warehouse/Multiple stock rooms
  • Master inventory list
  • Purchase requisition/material requisition
  • Ordering
  • Inward/issue/returns
  • Store wise masters for handling centralized stores managed by contractors
  • Site wise configuration introduced to set access privileges for contractors stores & items
  • Define min/max stock levels
  • Online stock updates
  • Automated reordering/alerts
  • Conversion of asset to item & vice versa
  • Spares lifecycle tracking
  • Scrap management
  • Hazardous material tracking
Key Management
  • End-user key request
  • Key issue/return
  • Track keys with barcode/QR code scanning
  • Track keys/lost keys
  • Auto-reminders for returnable keys
Risk Management & Work Permits
  • Management of risk assessment
  • Configurable risk management plan
  • Auto-creation of work permits
  • Configurable multi-tier work permit approvals
  • Easy & quick tracking of before/after work permits
  • Work permit closures with approvals
Pest Control
  • Configurable pest control schedules
  • Announcements/notifications on upcoming pest control activities
  • Easy and quick access to pest control activities
Fuel Management
  • Record and manage fuel inventory
  • Fuel purchase/transfer/issue
  • Fuel stock verification
  • Approve/Reject fuel transactions requests
Printing & Stationery Management
  • End-user printing & stationery items request
  • Approve/reject printing & stationery requests
  • Tracking of printing & stationery items issuance
BMS/BAS Integration
  • Tightly integrates with popular Building Management Systems (BMS) like Tridium’s Niagara Framework, Honeywell’s EBI, Azbil’s savic-net FX, Trane’s Tracer ES, Delta Loytec, Cylon, Carrier Race’s WebCTRL, Siemens’ Desigo Insight 4.x, Schneider’s TAC Vista and Ion, etc.
  • Integrates with devices supporting BACnet, Modbus, KNX, OPC
  • Alarm based work orders
  • Usage based preventive maintenance work order generation
  • Equipment controls/readings
  • Email/SMS/App/Push/WhatsApp notifications
BIM Integration
  • Easy search and locate of asset/equipment & hidden assets in 3D model visual format
  • Synchronization of asset/equipment from BIM files
  • Auto-population of asset/equipment register
  • Overriding provision of synchronized asset/equipment
  • Rotate, zoom and pan in BIM view
  • Two-way integration on a real-time basis
  • Takes BIM data from all popular document types including IFC, COBie & Revit
Reporting & Analytics
  • Intuitive Dashboards, standard KPI’s, real-time KPI’s and charts
  • More than 200+ standard reports & dashboards on all maintenance activities helping your FM teams make better and informed decisions
  • Pre-configured reports, graphs and a maintenance dashboard that shows a standard set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • KPI Builder, Custom Report Builder, Pivot Grid Builder to generate a plethora of custom reports
Work Order Management
  • User definable escalations for work orders
  • Calendar functions view for displaying work orders
  • Equipment tracking with cost history, warranty, vendor details, technical documentation & list of spare parts
  • Work order picks up trade wise rates for supplier
  • View upcoming work orders/closing work orders
  • On-screen displays of work orders nearing SLA breach
  • SMS approval for work orders
  • Service Request Module for remote work order requests
  • Configurable work order verification process for closure
  • Configurable work order approval workflows
  • Tightly integrated with the Help Desk module for remote Job Requests handling
  • SLA breach with ageing information
  • Track SLA breaches & nearing breaches against pending work orders

Smart EAM/CMMS App

Asset Maintenance Anytime, Anywhere

With RIBS Smart EAM/CMMS App, we want to bring in flexibility and mobility to your FM team

  • Asset Validation with NFC, RFID, Barcode & QR Codes Scanning
  • Technician GPS Tracking & Map Integration
  • Manage Work Orders Online/Offline
  • Conduct Inspections & Audits
  • Equipment Readings Capture
  • Material Requests

Smart Asset Management

QR Code/Smart IoT (Internet of things) button integration with Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS) facilitates smart asset management in your buildings/ facilities.

  • Asset validation using QR Codes, Barcode, RFID, NFC etc.
  • Scan assets to view asset details, work order/service history, etc.
  • Scan assets to view open calls, open work orders, etc.
  • Scan and raise work orders, service requests, purchase orders
  • Scan and perform audits and inspections
  • Scan and record meter readings