Building Automation System

RIBS integrates seamlessly with most Building Management System / Building Automation System (BMS / BAS).

Automatic Work Order Triggering

The alarms triggered by the BMS / BAS control systems can be captured by RIBS and the work order can be generated automatically and emailed to the contractor or technician responsible to fix the same along with an SMS / App alert. By monitoring the equipment readings via the BMS / BAS systems, usage-based preventive maintenance work orders are triggered.

Switching HVAC / Lighting

The Facility Booking module of RIBS is integrated with BAS / BMS systems, that can trigger the lighting, air-conditioning etc., in meeting / conference rooms at specific timings ahead of a scheduled meeting. When the meeting concludes, RIBS automatically switches off the equipment after a configurable grace period. This aids in energy conservation, automation, and better user comfort.

Automated Tenant Billing

RIBS Tenant Billing module, can access the energy meter readings from BMS / BAS systems and apply the configured slab wise, service wise rates for each tenant and generate the invoices automatically and email the same to the tenants at the end of each billing cycle. The BAS / BMS integration provides access to electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, BTU meters etc.

Building Automation System / Building Management System Integration – Key Features